How to maintain your smartphone so it’ll last longer

Smartphones are one of the technological devices that today like being a mandatory item. Therefore, it is certain users do not want their smartphones damaged due to lack of maintenance. Thus, you do not have to spend any more money to buy a new one. Apart from that, check out the wtb phone as well.

Well, for those of you who want to keep the smartphone from damage, there are a number of tips that can be followed. Here are some ways to take care of smartphones.

1. Case and screen protector

Nothing wrong with spending a little extra money to buy a casing and screen protector.

At least, the two protectors can make your smartphone protected from fatal impacts or scratches that can damage the appearance.

Casing and screen protector is sold in gadget stores, so you can choose according to the cost.

2. Store in a safe place

Specify a safe place to store your smartphone when it is not in use. Make sure the storage place was not going to make your smartphone crashed or stepped on.

For example, you keep it on a table and bookshelf. Better if the storage is near you usually charge the smartphone, so easy to find.

Do not store in a bag or other enclosed container in the long run, unless the device is in off mode.

Charging the smartphone in a sealed container has the potential to fire and shorten battery life. Also, always use original chargers and accessories.

3. Caution the battery condition

Make sure your smartphone battery is always dry. Should not call under raindrops, do not eat or drink near the smartphone and avoid taking them to nearby open water such as beach and toilets.

4. Clean periodically

Never ever lazy to clean your smartphone. There are some simple ways to follow.

One way is to use dry tissue or alcohol wipes to clean the surface or the outside of the smartphone. Do not use water, wet wipes or other cleaners that will make the smartphone moist.

5. Charger as needed

Do not charge (charge) smartphones at random, should do periodically. The battery life of each smartphone is different, depending on its usage.