Let’s Get to Know More about Travertine Basins

Travertine Basins and marble basins are two sides of the same coin. Both fall under the category of a type of natural stone called limestone but each was created through a different process. Their similarity with one another does not just stop there. Travertine and marble both have immense quality in terms of esthetics and durability. Being a natural stone, travertine is created by nature and nature has quite a unique way to design things. As a result, travertine stones are rich in texture and when it is shaped into items such as a bathroom basin, the motif on its surface becomes its strongest esthetic value.

Travertine Basins are immensely beautiful when installed in a bathroom. The veining on its surface will add texture to your otherwise plain bathroom. It has a color palette that is even on every inch so it is safe to say that a basin of this material is neutral in shade. Both traditional and modern bathrooms can benefit from this kind of basin as the neutrality of it will make it capable of fitting into any kind of styles. You can also expect some expensive look from a basin of this material when installed properly.

Travertine Basins do have some shortcomings, though. Being of stone, a basin like this would be much heavier compared to other types of basin. You would have to use it with a strong vanity unit to provide some support. This would also be a bit impractical when you are doing a remodeling project as you may want to employ others to help you move the basin to a new spot. Durable as it is, a travertine basin is also prone to scratches. As such, it would be wise if you can avoid applying so much pressure onto the basin when cleaning it up.