These Are Some Benefits of Tea Bag What You Should Know

Many people feel that the tea they consume is good for their bodies. This is true because tea has many benefits that are very good for the body. One of the good tea for the body is red tea. Many who consume it because it can be a skinny fit tea that is used to decrease fat and make the body become slim and thin.

However, there are other benefits of tea that you normally consume. If you usually consume tea bags, then you should know that there are benefits of tea bags that you have used, such as

– Sticking a tea bag in the eyes can make you tired in your eyes
When you are too long to read or work in front of the laptop, your eyes will experience the torture of tired eyes. Starting from the feeling of pain, watery, until flushed. Attach the bag of dyed tea bags in both eyes to reduce the effects of tired eyes. Likewise, when you lack sleep because you have to stay up all night completing the job, eye bags will appear under your eyes. Pasting dyed tea in your eyes for 15 minutes each day can reduce the pockets of black eyes under the eyes.

– Reduce burns from the sun
When you have a burn, immediately put a tea bag on your wound. in it there is a cooling agent that will help heal your burns. if the wound is large enough as when your skin is sensitive to sunburn and feel pain, you can soak in water that has been given tea bag. in addition to burns, tea bags can also treat bruises that are on your body because the capillary blood vessels burst.

– Eliminate itching and insect bites
If you have an insect bite on your skin, it will cause itching in the skin and even the itching lasts for quite a long time. Tea Bag containing antihistamine substances useful to overcome the itching and redness in your skin.

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