Where is Beach Villa Resort Khao Lak?

Beach Villa Resort Khao Lak is located in a collection of tourist-oriented villages in the District of Takua Pa, Thailand. Khao Lak means Lak Mountain, referring to one of the highest peaks in the mountainous area within the Khao Lak National Park. The name KhaoLak originally referred to a beach around the area including villages and the bay surrounding it. However, for commercial and marketing purposes, the name has expanded to also include areas northward of it, toward the old town of Takua Pa. This tourist-specific area has grown to become one of the most famous destinations in Thailand.

Beach Villa Resort Khao Lak is surrounded by the serene ambiance and serves as a point of departure for those wishing to enjoy scuba diving activities that extend toward the Similan Islands. The Khao Lak region is located not too far away from Phuket, just 75-minutes of driving from the internationally renowned beach. Khao Lak is a region in Thailand that depends mostly on tourism for income. It shares many similarities with other tourist destinations in Thailand but there are things that set it apart from others.

For example, the Beach Villa Resort Khao Lak is situated on a beach that can be considered as being rather secluded than most. The area is upscale and quiet thanks to fewer people flocking to it. The beaches are not too crowded compared to other beaches in Thailand. Also, the environment of nighttime is friendly to a family with entertainment centers that are safe even for kids. This makes Khao Lak and the resorts a perfect place for a getaway and escape from the buzzing city life. There are also adventures for families to enjoy during their stay. Kayaking and cycling are to mention a few of said activities and adventures anyone can definitely enjoy.

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